Welcome to our website: www.motoricambio.it

        Since 1974 Motoricambio srl is the official distributor for 

        specialist in reliable, high quality, flexible drive-cables 
        for brakes, clutch, throttle, speedometer and revolution 
        counters for motorbikes, scooter and three-wkeeler of 
        Italian  or foreign production.
        Available are more than 400 types of flexible drive-cables 
        for motorcycles for existing or out-of-production models 
        Lambretta, SWM,Apes,Maico etc. 
        We can also produce special drive-cables from your own 
        design. Samples, prototypes, small series or for industrial 
        A huge assortment is available of metal parts and accessories. 
        We can also supply 2 KITS to increase the cylinders power.
                                                               For more information please contact 
                                                          Tel +039 02 4586 3846 - Fax +039 02 4586 4399 
                                               Motoricambio sas -Via Quintino Sella 19 -20094 Corsico (Mi) 
                          CCIAA Milano 876439-P.Iva Cod.Fisc.02000460150-Export Mecc.MI 136503 
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Listino Maggio 2015
Listino Maggio 2015
Kit Cocis75cc
Listino MMC
Alberi Motore
Listino MMC
Alberi Motore
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